Department of Tourism & Hospitality

The Department of Tourism and Hospitality established in 2000, we have two-year associate degree program and two-year and four-year bachelor’s degree program. We choose the “Tourism”,”Restaurant” and “Hotel” as our three prospectives, and the department was proudly awarded the first class among technology institutes by Ministry of Education in 2007.

The course design

We emphasize the connection between professional theory and practical experience, focus on practical learning, creat a “learning by doing” studying environment, and train the students with the ability of tourism , restaurant and hotel management and service & cooking skills as our education goal.

Professional teaching facilites

The facilities in our department include Practicum Hotel, Restaurant Service and Cocktail Classroom, Conference & Exhibition Training Classroom, Practicum Travel Agency, Bakery & Chinese-Western Creative Kitchens with Class B and Class C skill examination, and we are planning to build a professional Class B and Class C Chinese & Western Cooking Examination Classroom in the near fruture.

The course design include “Hotel Management”, “Restaurant Management, Service & Cooking Skills”, “Tourism Management” and promote the off campus /professional practicum course. We have close working relationships with over 50 major hotel in Taiwan, including Grand Formosa Hotel, Tapei Grand-Hyatt Hotel, Taichung Chinatrust Hotel, Splender Hotel, Lemidi Hotel Chitou, Tayhi Landis Hotel , and so on.

1.Cultivate students with not only to get tourism, restaurant, hotel management skills, but also with good working ethic.
2.Reinforce students’ interpersonal communication ability and have a basic command of English and Japanese conversation
3.Enhance teaching quality with cooperation with industry, and make our students learn “the real life” knowledge.
4.Encourage our students to get related tourism and hospitality licenses in order to get a basic professional skill, and increase knowledge and skills about tourism and hospitality.
5.Direct and teach students with ability of making food and beverages and develop new service skill as well.
6.Provide a sound and thorough practical training program in order to help students graduate fully attuned to the industry without any difficulty.

Further study:Students of two-year program for associate degree may work on two-year or four-year program for bachelor degree. Upon graduation from two-year or four-year program for bachelor degree, may sit the graduate school entrance examination in Taiwan or study abroad for working on master degree or Ph. degree.

Employment:Helping students get employment is a focus of our development. Course planning combines the unique course design and sandwich teaching and learning. Regular practical and employment seminars help students get employment and have their own businesses smoothly.

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