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 華語文教學中心    華語文教學中心簡介

Chinese Language Center

According to the Academic Rules and Regulations at TransWorld University for Foreign students, all perspective students who are from non-Chinese speaking countries will be regarded as oversea students, and must take Chinese language exams after the enrolments. Students who fail to reach Intermediate-Advanced level (which is equivalent to Level B2 of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) will be assigned and admitted into Chinese Language course (Full-time), and required to participate with Chinese Language Classes during their first semester (36 credits in total). Our Chinese courses are proposed according to the difference of students’ language proficiency.

♦本中心華語課程以幫助國際學生發展「華語表達與溝通協調能力」為目標,綜合提升學生的華語文聽、說、讀、寫技能。以入門基礎級的華語課程為例,一學年華語課程規劃如下:上下學期各18學分,每周上課時數18小時。第一學期開設基礎課程,包括「華語正音Chinese Pronunciation」、「基礎中文聽力Basic Chinese Listening」、「基礎中文詞彙Basic Chinese Vocabulary」、「基礎中文對話Basic Chinese Conversation 」、「基礎中文文法Basic Chinese Grammar」、「基礎中文寫作Basic Chinese Writing」、「基礎中文閱讀Basic Chinese Reading」、「中華文化Chinese Culture」及「華語文生活應用主題討論(一) Topics discussion of Applied Living Chinese(I)」,共九門課程。第二學期開設進階華語課程,包括「進階中文聽力Advanced Chinese Listening」、「進階中文對話Advanced Chinese Conversation」、「進階中文詞彙Advanced Chinese Vocabulary」、「進階中文文法Advanced Chinese Grammar」、「進階中文閱讀Advanced Chinese Reading」、「進階中文寫作Advanced Chinese Writing」、「華語文生活應用主題討(二) Topics discussion of Applied Living Chinese(II)」、「華語文綜合運用Integrated Chinese」及「華語多媒體運用Applied Chinese Multimedia」,共九門課程。無華語基礎的學習者完成一學年課程,程度可達至華語文進階級(Intermediate-high),即歐洲語言共同架構B1等級。
We aim to develop students’ general Chinese language skills, which are listening, speaking, reading and writing. In our Chinese Foundation classes, students are required to attend classes for 18 hours per week and obtain 18 credits on both semesters. During the first semester, there will be nine basic Chinese Language classes, including Chinese Pronunciation, Basic Chinese Listening, Basic Chinese Vocabulary, Basic Chinese Conversation, Basic Chinese Grammar, Basic Chinese Writing, Basic Chinese Reading, Chinese Culture and Topics discussion of Applied Living Chinese(I). Furthermore, in the second semester, there will be advanced classes, which includes Advanced Chinese Listening, Advanced Chinese Conversation, Advanced Chinese Vocabulary, Advanced Chinese Grammar, Advanced Chinese Reading, Advanced Chinese Writing, Topics discussion of Applied Living Chinese(II), Integrated Chinese and Applied Chinese Multimedia. Students who have no previous knowledge of Chinese Language will be expected to reach Intermediate-High Level after first year in Chinese Language Course, which is equivalent to Level B1 of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

♦ 本中心使用教材:
《新版實用視聽華語Practical Audio-Visual Chinese》、《遠東生活華語Far East Everyday Chinese》、《實用中文讀寫Practical Chinese Reading and Writing》,另有補充教材如實用生活對話、旅遊華語、商業會話、成語等。
Our main teaching materials are listed as following: Practical Audio-Visual Chinese, Far East Everyday Chinese and Practical Chinese Reading and Writing. There are also additional materials, such as Chinese conversation, travel, Business Chinese and Chinese idioms.

Cultural activities and classes: calligraphy, Chinese painting , paper-cutting (Chinese Folk Art), Charts of Chinese Opera Facial make-up designs, Lantern-making, Chinese Knots, Taiji, Tea Ceremony, Dumpling and Spring Roll-making, traditional shows and art and outdoor cultural activities.

There will be language partners who are also from TransWorld University and they will assist foreign students with their Chinese learning and practices, as well as getting to know more about the university, culture and Taiwan.

Chinese Teaching Centre Photos Chinese Teaching Activities, Chinese Culture workshops ( Facial make-up workshop for Chinese opera, Chinese Lantern Drawing, Calligraphy, Spring-Roll making, fragrance bag making for Dragon boat festival, Dumpling-making and tangyuan.), Language Partner activities, Cultural excursion in Hu-Wei and Xiluo.



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